Easy Owl Costume

I made this costume for my now 14 year old back in 2014. Can I just tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED making my kid’s Halloween costume. Nowadays, they prefer to either scrape something together themselves or….dare I say it?….buy one, ugh! Needless to say, this was one of my favs.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Felt (for Feathers, Feet and Eyes)

Brown Fabric, approx. 1.5 yards

Batting/Stuffing for the feet

Sewing Machine

First I CUT my brown fabric to make the wings, gloves and super simple dress. In hindsight a brown pillowcase, with armholes cut out, would have done the trick.

Cut 2 of each shape

Next CUT the felt pieces into enough feathers to cover the dress and wing fabric pieces. Starting from the bottom, SEW* the feathers on, one row at a time, layering each row over the previous row until your entire piece of fabric is covered.

*NOTE: You can also use fabric or hot glue

If you used glue you can skip this next step. I cut two extra wings to cover the stick lines and create a lining on the inside of the wings.

Again, in hindsight, I could have used a brown glove for this next step…lesson learned. MAKE the brown gloves using the brown fabric, then ATTACH them to the wing ends using a brown piece of ribbon.

Finally, Attach the wings to the dress by either hand stitching or running it through your machine. Cover any stitching with leftover feathers.

FEET: You can create the feet like I did using felt and stuffing them to create a 3D effect, I just attached them to my daughter’s shoe using a safety pin. Alternatively, you can just do 1 piece of felt and attach that to the shoes too, much easier.

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