Chia Chicks

This was such a fun summertime boredom buster I did with my kiddos, way back in the day.

I don’t know about you, but I use the summer to clean out my kid’s closets/drawers… I was so annoyed at all the single socks without a matching pair I decided to use them for a craft.

It was really neat to see the plants grow throughout the summer and gave my girls something to look forward to everyday.

I just wish I had taken photos of the full head of hair…oh well, I must have gotten distracted Ha!


Take about 1/4-1/2 Cup Chia seeds and mix with equal parts dirt. (The amount you use will be determined by the size of the sock

Place this mixture into the sock first. This will ensure a relatively even distribution of the chia seeds on the “sock head”. Fill remaining sock with dirt, leaving abound 3 inches to tie off using a rubber band.

Decorate the pots anyway you want. You can use any crafting scraps, get creative on their bodies. Glue eyes and any headpieces you want onto the sock.

After your glue has dried, soak the socks with the dirt and seeds. Place them onto the pots and place in a well lite window or outside. Water as needed and in about 1-2 weeks you should see some significant sprouting.

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