DIY Pineapple Centerpieces

In keeping with the Luau theme this week, I wanted to share these super simple centerpieces. They are made with real pineapples!

Pineapple Centerpieces

What you need:


Step 1: Spray Paint the bottom part of the pineapples using the gold spray paint.

Step 2: Paint the Tops of the pineapples with the acrylic paint that matches whatever glitter you will be using. If you don’t have much time, you can skip this step. PROTIP: Using a base paint where you will be glittering hides any glitter imperfections.

Step 3: Using the glue add your glitter to each leaf top.

DIY Glittered Pineapple Centerpieces
All lined up and ready for embellishing

Step 4: Embellish with Flat Back Rhinestones using Hot Glue and add Silk flowers to the tops.

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