Scraps Aren’t Crap – Fabric Rectangles

So, I have a ridiculous amount of craft supplies that are either left over from previous projects/events, bought on a whim, given to me, or simply too cheap to pass up! I keep coming across these items on a daily basis. I pick them up, look at them, wonder what I was thinking and quickly stuff it back in the box! Ugh…!

I thought to myself, I can’t possibly be the only crafter with this problem…..? I came up with a solution that will both help grow my blog, as well as, make use of those unused crafting supplies! Scraps Aren’t Crap is where I take a random object or tool from my craft room and create something, hopefully spectacular, with it! Here goes!!

Problem: Leftover Rectangle Fabric Pieces

Solution: Mini Fabric Hot Air Balloons and Bow Hair Barrettes

I have an abundance of Fabric left over from making masks a couple of years back. I pondered for a long time on what I could do with all these rectangle pieces of fabric in all different patterns, I actually figured out the perfect thing using every possible inch of those darn pieces!!!

I was able to make 1 Hot air Balloon and 4 Barrettes using 2 pieces of these rectangle pieces! Yay!!! I’m super happy with how adorable the Hot Air Balloon turned out, hopefully I can make enough by Christmas….

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