Crafted by Yudi was founded by Yudi Carpenter in 2014. After many years in event planning, graphic design and couture crafting Yudi decided it was time to combine all of her passions and talents into one entity, Crafted by Yudi. Yudi brings over 15 years of experience from an international perspective, she’s successfully created and managed large scale events, graphic design projects, branding and marketing.

By incorporating technology into most projects, Crafted by Yudi brings a modern twist to any event or branding effort, while still maintaining a crafted feel and look. The results are completely unique and always represent the vision of the Client, regardless of the size and/or scope of the project.

Crafted By Yudi combines an artist’s viewpoint with an entrepreneur’s mentality. The creation of your specialty project is a collaboration between you and Yudi Carpenter. When given the opportunity, we utilize a rare skill set of an artist, the approach of a business person and the drive of an entrepreneur to achieve results that truly bring your vision to fruition.

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