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Cork Heart Centerpieces

Know a wine lover??? These are super cute and simple to make.

First either hand draw or print out a heart line shape in the size you would like. Mine were as big as I could fit on an 8x5x11 sheet of paper.

Next using a hot glue gun, glue corks to each other following the heart pattern. (ProTip: I laid out corks on the pattern before I started gluing to make sure I had enough corks and to make adjustments anywhere, for a proper fit.)

Finally, I waned to unify the corks by adding some color to the ends. This gives them a finished look! (Optional Step: Add gloss finish)

The Finished Piece!

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Hot Air Balloon Invitations

I’ve been wanting to add invitations to my Etsy shop that match the Hot Air Balloon centerpieces and cake toppers I make. I came up with this super cute Postcard themed invitation. All text is editable via Corjl….my new favorite platform!

Hot Air Balloon Postcard invitation

Of course I had to add Blue and Pink into the mix….hopefully I can add the rest of the colors this week.

One of the things I love about Corjl is the ability to show your customers a Demo, that way they can see exactly what they are getting before they purchase, so easy.

Check it out:

These will be available as soon as my Etsy shop reopens.

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Circus Centerpieces

Who doesn’t love the Circus? Sarasota is where it all started and it’s part of our city with The Ringling, Sailor Circus and The Big Top at UTC! So, why not have a circus themed event?

These were so cost effective! Made using materials from the Dollar Store….love that place! Here’s what you’ll need:


Plastic Bowl

Plastic Champagne Cup

Red Paper

4″ Styrofoam Disc

Beaded necklaces

Raffle Tickets

Jungle Animal Toys

Gold Spray paint/Glue/Glitter

Step 1:

Spray paint all the Animals, Bowls and Champagne Flutes with the Gold Spray Paint.

Step 2:

Take the Bowls and Paint the divots using acrylic paint in whatever glitter color you will be using.

Doesn’t have to be perfect, it will be covered in glitter soon….

Step 3:

Add your glue and glitter to the bowls.

Step 4:

Cut a circle out of the cardstock paper and glue to the top of the Styrofoam disc. Wrap the Tickets around the edge of the disc.

Step 5:

Attached the Champagne Flute to the Plastic Bowl using Craft Glue. Then attach the Styrofoam Disc to the Champagne Flute.

Step 6:

Embellish with the Beaded Necklaces. Optional: Add a little bow to the Animal to make it more festive.

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Pirate Party Ideas

These Pirate Party Favor Bags were so popular in my Etsy shop, I was so sad when I no longer made them. The good news is….I’ve included the the .SVG file at the bottom of this post and now you can make them yourself!

Shown: 3″x5″ Favor Bags

These bags went so well with the Wooden Pirate Welcome sign and the wooden mini treasure chest party favors.


Unfinished Wooden Treasure Chest: Michaels

Unfinished Wooden Sign: Michaels

Gumballs: Candynation

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Sailor Moon Party

I had a client contact me about creating some pieces for her daughter’s sailor moon birthday party. This Party Kit included a Sailor Moon Cake topper, Centerpiece, Favor Bags, edible Gumball Necklaces and magic wands. Templates can be found at the bottom of this post.

Scroll down to download svg files for cake topper, centerpiece and party bags.