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Cork Heart Centerpieces

Know a wine lover??? These are super cute and simple to make.

First either hand draw or print out a heart line shape in the size you would like. Mine were as big as I could fit on an 8x5x11 sheet of paper.

Next using a hot glue gun, glue corks to each other following the heart pattern. (ProTip: I laid out corks on the pattern before I started gluing to make sure I had enough corks and to make adjustments anywhere, for a proper fit.)

Finally, I waned to unify the corks by adding some color to the ends. This gives them a finished look! (Optional Step: Add gloss finish)

The Finished Piece!

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Cardboard Box Tiki Totems

I’m a firm believer that you can make anything out of a cardboard box! These will go great with our pool noodle tiki totems and a great addition to any Luau! So simple and cheap….

Cardboard Box tiki Totems

Depending on how tall you want them will determine how many and what size boxes you need.

DIY Cardboard Box Tiki Totems

If you google Tiki Totem Faces you will find many examples and templates to use to create your own faces.

DIY Cardboard Box Tiki Totems
DIY Cardboard Box Tiki Totems
DIY Cardboard Box Tiki Totems